An overwiew on modelling T lymphocyte dynamics: from physiology to perturbations of immune system and aging

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Understanding the immune system as a complex ecosystem, in dynamic perception and cognition of molecular and cell perturbations in changing context requires systems immunology. Approaches focus on lymphocyte population dynamics, differentiation, diversity, selection of repertoires, studying the physiology of the immune system from development to aging, and the control of immune responses and immunological memory, in health and diseases. We have developed animal models associated to multi-parameter and multi-level approaches to investigate the immune system and responses to perturbations, as well as mathematical and computer modelling to help in the interpretation of the multi-scale data. We considered the analysis of T lymphocytes phenome, repertome, cell cycle, through aging and genetic variation, for statistics and mechanical reconstruction of lymphocyte dynamics, from their generation and selection in the thymus to the control of immune responses. Systems biology and systems immunology contribute to  the design of experimental methods and modeling to deconstruct and reconstruct lymphocyte dynamics and repertoires and application to vaccinomics.Capture d’écran 2018-12-05 à 17.46.24.png

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Micro / Macro-Ecosystems Integration

Modélisation intégrée de l’écosystème immunitaire

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