Véronique Thomas-Vaslin

An overview on modelling lymphocyte dynamics:

From physiology to perturbations of the immune system and aging


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My Activities  in Complex Systems

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Institut des Systèmes Complexes (ISC-PIF)

 Réseau  National  des Systèmes Complexes (RNSC)

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Recent article

Abstract: Modelling T cell proliferation: Dynamics heterogeneity depending on cell differentiation, age, and genetic background

Vibert & Thomas-Vaslin 2017 Plos Comp Biol.pdf

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My Conferences

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Annual Meeting of the French Society for Immunology Nantes 12-14 November 2019

“Systems Immunology  for Modeling T cell Dynamics”

International course Computational Systems Biology of Cancer Single Cell Analysis -23-28 September  2019 Institut Curie-Paris

“Systems biology for cell proliferation quantification and modeling of lymphocyte dynamics: T-cell heterogeneity dynamics across aging and genetic origins”

International Symposium on T cells and T-cell lymphomas 20-21 September   2019- University Hospital Essen, Germany

“Modeling T lymphocyte dynamics: From physiology to perturbations of immune system”

3ème Symposium du réseau de Biologie des Systèmes Sorbonne Université 04/12/2018

Modeling cell proliferation in heterogeneous populations trough aging: A multi-parameter single cell flow cytometry approach to quantify ageing of the immune system

Comprendre et modéliser la complexité du système immunitaire : physiologie et réponses aux perturbations Réseau Biologie de Système Sorbonne Université 25 septembre 2018

Histoire Naturelle et Systèmes Complexes – Problématiques, méthodes et enjeux ISC-PIF 14 juin 2018

Happy Hours Conference ISC-PIF 2018

Understanding the complexity of the immune system 2015

Complex System Digital Campus Conference 2015

Colloquium Biodiversity Resilience 2015

Books/Book chapters…

Individuation and the organization in complex living ecosystem: recursive integration and self-assertion by holon-lymphocytes

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Understanding and modeling the complexity of the immune system

Systems Immunology, Lymphocyte Dynamics & Repertoires…

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Encyclopedia of Systems Biology

Lymphocyte Dynamics and Repertoires, Biological Methods

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Lymphocyte Dynamics and Repertoires, Modeling

Chapitre: Complexité multi-échelle du système immunitaire: Evolution, du chaos aux fractales

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Chapitre: L’évaluation globale des technologies

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Chapitre: Approche de la résilience et des perturbations par une évaluation globale

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confrontation entre pensée réductionniste et pensée du complexe : 1 le système immunitaire