The ImmunoComplexiT network is part of RNSC thematic networks

Created in 2011, the interdisciplinary ImmunoComplexiT network is involved in understanding and modeling  the immune system, a complex biological distributed adaptive, diversified, cognitive and fluid system. Its study must take into account different levels of organization: organism, cells and molecules, in their space-time dimension. It should  benefit from the approaches  of complex systems and systems biology and  immunology. The researchers from the ImmunoComplexiT network are involved in the production and integration of  multi-parameter immunological data at multiscale level and in statistical and computer modeling but also in the  theoretical and philosophical aspects of the immune system. Assessment of variability, diversity of repertoires and populations, robustness and resilience of the immune system through aging and perturbations is key to understand its complex dynamics behaviour, emergence, immergence, regulation, memory… Development of mathematical models and graphical formalism  allows us to describe immunological objects and behaviour at different granularity to provide visual modeling and simulations of physiology or perturbations related to immunopathologies or treatments. Semantic interoperable computational approach should lead a better understanding of the complexity of the immuno-physiome.

Complex systems relationship

Understanding the global organization, the diversity, the emergent behaviour and the resilience of the complex immune system refers to transversal questions already mentioned for other complex systems such as other biological, social or ecological macro systems.

Roadmap: Challenges related to transversal problems or peculiarities specific to the immune system concerns the roadmap “complexity  of the immune system”   (https://roadmap.iscpif.fr/2017/06/19/complexity-of-the-immune-system/ ) in the French RNSC roadmap (https://roadmap.iscpif.fr/ ) that has evolved from  2008, with a part on molecules to  organisms (https://roadmap.iscpif.fr/2017/06/19/des-molecules-aux-organismes/). Our novelty approaches will also serve other complex systems investigations and modelling.

The Complex System Digital Campus CS_DC 2015 has allowed the track session: From Antigens to Cognitive Immune System in Symbiotic Organisms e-session (http://cs-dc-15.org/e-tracks/organisms/#cognitive-immune-sys)

“Understanding and modelling the complexity of the immune system” is available as a replay.


Objectives of the network

Exchange on ideas, methodologies,  publications, between the members  of different disciplines involved on the immune system complexity  and participate to  events as workshop or meeting discussions and formation of students in Master and PhD.

Conceptual and theoretical concepts are also discussed in philosophie_et_immunologie.html


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