Micro / Macro-Ecosystems Integration

Véronique Thomas-Vaslin

Individuation and the organization in complex living ecosystem:

recursive integration and self-assertion by holon-lymphocytes (2020)Capture d’écran 2019-09-12 à 16.52.24

Bio-inspired lean organization as a complex system

Space /Time micro-organization and dynamics of the immune system,
for the preservation of organism integrity and performance

Space /Time lean organization of human social-ecosystem

for the performance of organization/company

Thèse de Doctorat Pierre Masai (UNISTRA) “Modeling the lean organisation as a complex system” 2017

Co-authorship network in Artificial Immune System

(ICARIS 2013)

poster A0 ECAL 2013-1

Diversity and Resilience of Complex Systems

An overview on modelling T lymphocyte dynamics: from physiology to perturbations of immune system and aging